BIGGEST Game Collection Ever… and More! — Mind Blow 5

December 30, 2010 820112 Views

Kevin’s Channel –

Santa Kick Game

Beer filling from bottom.

Final Fight was originally Street Fighter ’89

Poison is a transgender enemy in Final Final

Ace Ventura –

Sonic in Crusader Of Centy (Soleil in Japan) –

Super Mario RPG has secret cameos from Link, Samus and Star Fox and F-Zero.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time has cameos of Mario Luigi and Bowser

Chung Li in Breath Of Fire

Fed Ex arrow, Amazon A to Z , Toberlone Bear

A-style Logo

Batman Illusion

Hydrogen Peroxide and dry yeast explosion

50 Cent – In Da Club

Most ridiculous game collection ever

BryceCorp3 Videogame Collection –

Sonic in Rad Mobile

Genesis Guitar

NES Guitar

O Fortuna

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