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DJ Name: Tosel & Hale

Location: Greece

City: Thessaloniki

Show Name(s):
Deep Nu-Disco Pureness

Ian Tosel & Dean Hale are two DJs, remixers and producers, born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. They started dealing with music in 2000 and producing in 2005. Since then, they have their own studio and for the following 5 years, they were experimenting on various genres of electronic music. Influenced by the sounds of those years, their productions sound like tribal and progressive house. Next 2 years were spent looking for the sound that fits their taste and finally they decide to completely change their style.This is when the project of ‘’Tosel & Hale’’ was born, in the year of 2012. Deep, melodic rhythms, nu-disco elements and fat basslines, consist Tosel & Hale’s sound, influenced by artists like Patrick Podage, Finnebassen, Larse, Monte, Martin Dawson etc. They have collaborated with artists like Marc O’ Tool, Mark Lower, Rob Made, Haze-M, Anton Ishutin, Aytac Kart, Saccao, Heavy Pins, Ran Salman, Shimmer, Patrick Podage, Moe Turk, just to name a few and their releases are on labels such as Spirit Soul Records, StayFly Records, Sleazy Deep, Κing Street Sounds, Déepalma Records, Kiez Beats, Beachside Records, Adult Music Records, etc. Since March 2014, they have their own monthly podcast on Spirit Soul Records, while their radio shows on Athens’ ’’88.6 UP Radio’’ and Pure.FM (Los Angeles, U.S.) are on air once a month as well.

Past Shows: