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Born and rased in small country in Europe – Kosovo, Tino Deep's way in Electronic Music world was designated from his early beginings. For him it was very hard to reach sources from where it all started and from where he could learn, improve and create his own expression. But this was not enough to stop his pursuit and interest, it only meant that he had to work harder – and he did. Spending all his free time on music soon he deviced his own stile – Deep Progressive House. This was the first step in the story that will follow as the years pass same as one of the first steps that made a clear direction of his, now perennial, search, education and career in Eletronic Music world. Soon Tino Deep's work and effort was noticed and he got the chance to participate in various radio shows and events and in the same time he became one of the most important names on the Electronic Music scene in Kosovo which took his name to the next level – out of the borders of his country. Shortly he started to organize different events where he played along with a lot of important DJ's, today his colleagues and mates, he was influenced by these artists and his own style got improved and modified but always variated beetwen Deep and Progressive House, always focusing on generating emotional atmospheres and feelings. His mixes are well known for their sensitivity, rare and sophisticated noncommercial sounds.Tino Deep hosts three shows:"Deep Visions" On Pure.Fm, "Stereo Poems" on InsomniaFm and holds a monthly residency on and has been featured with exclusive mixsets on almost every electronic music internet and FM radio stations. Today his expression and name is well known and recognizable. He made his own brand and identification but the search never ends for Tino Deep. His emotion is growing every day, his education is never ending story and his footprints has been followed by many newcomer artists and DJ's same as his name got respected and his work was recognized by audience worlwide.

Past Shows:
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 013 [September 11 2009] on Pure.FM [download]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 015 [November 27 2009] on Pure.FM [download]
01.Black Rose (Tropical Highlight Remix)- Christos Fourkis [Panda Rec.]
03.Holidays (Isaak Escamilla Remix)-Matias Chilano [Purplecat Digital]
04.Garden Of Fairies-Xaric [Promo]
05.Born To Run (Original Mix)-Solex [Mistique]
06.Dark Eyes (Bobby Deep Remix)-Hypnotic Hour [Mistique]
07.Andromeda(Human8 Remix)-LoQuai [Mistique]
08.Redlines-Sarp Yilmaz [Jetlag]
09.Transitional Elements-Ezequiel Marotte [Cdr]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 016 [December 25 2009] on Pure.FM [download]
01.Black Hole (Original Mix)- The Stain [Headrush]
02.Something About You (Original Mix)-Enrique Echd [Toes In The Sand]
03.Illusion Summer (Fernando Ferreyra Remix) -Ariel AB [Onward Rec.]
04.Harmony Inside-Kay-D [Carica Revelation]
05.Moma Robinja (Original Mix)-Lacandon [Jetlag]
06.Croatia (Evren Ulusoy's Croative Rmx)-Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic [Panda Rec. Promo]
07.Vernal Equinox - Nas Horizon Remix Basil O'Glue [Subtraxx Digital]
08.Stolen (Deso Dub Mix)-Ariel Curtis [Kansak Rec.]
09.Stolen (Alex Mos Second Version Dub)-Ariel Curtis [Kansak Rec.]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 017 [January 29 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01.Marcelo Vasami-Let Me Know (Original Mix) [Wavecollective]

02.Federico Monachesi - Midnight Sun [Mistique]

03.LoQuai - Telemetry [Mistique]

04.Hypnotic Duo - Eeeah (Original Mix) [Promo]

05.dPen-Thalasses (Original Mix) [Jetlag]

06.Hypnotic Duo - Lonely People (Original Mix ) [Promo]

07.Dark Soul Project - Bomb (Hypnotic Duo Remix) [Mfai Rec.]

08.Noyd - Glowjob (Original Mix) [ Promo]


10.Chris Drifter-Free Moments (Original Mix) [Soundtribe Promo]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 019 [March 26 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01-Noyd-Scuba (Original Mix) [Jetlag]
02-Oliver Morgenroth-Dreamrunner (Original Mix) [Jetlag]
03-Shane-Continental Fusion (Loquai Remix) [Jetlag]
04-Kay-D-Reaching The Surface (Ivan Nikusev Remix) [Mistique]
05-Kaanturker - Come, Come Whoever You Are [Mistique]
06-Federico Giust-It's Getting Late (Federico Monachesi Remix [Jetlag]
07-LMO Project-Natural Innocence (Christos Fourkis Remix) [Panda Rec]
08-Ozgur Ozkan-Dont Wake Me Up (Original Mix) [Mestiza]
09-KaanturkerHarmonic Disorder (Original Mix) [Panda Rec]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 020 [April 23 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
02.Cristian Gandini - Unagi Roll (Original Mix) [Brm]
03.Moth-Deep Dark And Dirty (Original Mix) [Underground Sound Of Madrid]
04.The Beloved - Sweet Harmony (Frangellico rmx) [Cdr]
05.Andy Newland & Osictone-Clouds Ears (Federico Epis Remix) [Jetlag]
06.Andrew K &Simuck-Mar De Oro (V-Sag Extended Remix) [Babylon]
07.Hakan Akcan & Onur Polat-Self Respect (Original Mix) [Cdr]
08.Joe mitri & Moe Turk - Samuraii (Shane Remix) [Entrainment Rec.]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 021 [May 28 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01.Butter & Parsley - Hot Bread [Mistique]
02.Ziger - One By One(Original mix) [Mistique]
03.Dan K, Tatyana Kirilova - Etchnica (Air remix) [Bootse Rec.]
04.Relaunch-Clear View [Jetlag]
05.Hypnotic Duo - Blood River(Original mix) [Mistique]
06.Hypnotic Duo - Atmosphere (Mustafa Sarioglu Remix) [Panda Promo]
07.Cassino & Laben - Leaving panic behind (Flash Brothers Mix] [Babylon Rec.]
08.Zur Face-Fake Sensations (Jose Acosta Mix) [Bellarine]
09.Citizen 42 & Tim Cullen - Area (Noyd Remix) [Frisky Rec.]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 022 [July 24 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01.Kintar - Byblos(Intro mix)
02.Kay-D - My Dreams(Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic remix)
03.Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E - Strings Of Life(Eryo remix)
04.Wav-E - The Lost Wave
05.Alfoa - Starlight
06.LoQuai - Summer
07.Wav-E - Going Home
08.Solex - The Other 31 Days(Blusoul remix)
09.KaanturkerFilthy And Kinky (Matias Chilano Remix)
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 023 [August 27 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01-Spieltape-Lonely Places Ive Never Been (Ormatie Neither Here Nor There Mix) [Proton]
02-Techi-Barracuda (Guido Sava Remix) [Liquid Grooves]
03-Und Sound - Drawing On You [Mistique]
04-Juan Deminicis-Shine On The Sky (Andrez Remix) [BCSA]
05-Hypnotic Duo - The Legacy [Mistique]
06-Aggressor & Ivan Nikusev - South Beach(Nick Stoynoff Dream Beach remix) [Mistique]
07-Fady Ferraye-Pleasure Delayed (Mariano Favre Remix) [Frisky Rec.]
08-Eryo - Worlds Edge(Hypnotic Duo remix) [Mistique]
09-Eryo - Worlds Edge(CJ Art remix) [Mistique]
010-Raf Fender-Lost In Twilo [Jetlag]
011-LoQuai - Kaoss [Mistique]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 002 [September 29 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01.Ivan Nikusev & Robert K - Pure Love(Fernando Ferreyra remix)

02.Loquai -Unbreakable (Original Mix)

03.Ivan Nikusev & Robert K - Pure Love(Original mix)

04.Dr.K&Nii vs Shiha Feat Sarah Blacker-Im Alive (Martin Roth Home Is Where We Belong Remix)

05.Dambiah - Flower's Planet (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Mix)

06.Hypnotic Hour-Dark Eyes (Bobby Deep Remix)

07.Loquai - How Long Can I Wait(Blusoul remix)

08.Kay-D - Tears(Shane remix)

09.Raf Fender-Music 4 Ever (Original Mix)

010.Guido Sava & Matias Larrosa - Dont You Mind(Ariel AB remix)

011.D-Slide & Doxx-November (Dark Soul Project Remix)

012.Dark Soul Project - Orgoage(Original mix)

013.Eryo - Worlds Edge(Hypnotic Duo remix)

014.Ivan Nikusev & Robert K - Pure Love(Hypnotic Duo remix)

015.M.A.Z.7-Cold Fear (Original Mix)

016.Blusoul - I'll Come To You(Loquai remix)
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 025 [October 22 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01-CJ Art-Credo (Original Mix) [Mestiza]
02-Sarp Yilmaz & Hassan Rassmy -Fasad (CJ Art & Marcooz Remix) [Frisky Rec.]
03-Frede Goto -Take Me Away [CDR]
04-Junitoshi - Inner Mind (Original Mix) [Deepsessions Rec.]
05-Max Demand - Space Dog (Original Mix) [Proton Music]
06-Sebastian Garuti - Blue Moon (Matias Chilano Remix) [Deepsessions Rec.]
07-Fady Ferraye - Pleasure Delayed (Nick Stoynoff Remix) [Frisky Rec.]
08-Tash, Toni Manga & Enormous Dee - Embryo(Toni Manga remix) [Mistique Music]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 026 [November 26 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
Eryo - Ultimate Love (Original Mix) [Mistique]
Faskil-Crappy Morning (Guillaume Nyckees Remix) [FeralCode]
Mariano Favre-Universe (Original Mix) [7 Seas Records]
G Pal-Can You Feel This (Mango Remix) [Silk Digital]
DJ Ceratti & Jaydas-Sweet River [Kansak]

Metadeko-After Dark (Original Mix) [Bellarine]
D-Slide & Doxx-November (Frede Goto Remix) [Mistique]
East Sunrise & Smooth Stab - Desire Of The Sky (Founder Of Sound Remix)[Panda]
Kay-D - Everyday Miracles [Mistique]

Loquai - Paregoric (Original Mix) [Mistique]
Ivan Nikusev & Robert K - Pure Love(Original mix) [Mistique]
Loquai-5 Prozent (Original mix) [Jetlag]

Hyline & Jaybeetrax-Obsession [BMR]

Butch - Chakra (Dockoff Step in the Dark Remix) [Noir Music]
Matt G-Etnikus Napok (Frangelico Remix) [Mistique]
Hypnotic Duo-Atmosphere (Simuck Remix) [Panda]
Guido Sava-The Red Edge of Midnight (Original Mix) [Mestiza]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 027 [December 24 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01.Pablo Acenso – Dont Refuse (Original Mix) [Itzamna Rec.]
02.DC Project & RedLoft-On The Couch (Ivan Nikusev Remix) [Mistique]
03.Loquai – Paregoric (Original Mix) [Mistique]
04.No Sonic Limits – Northern Lights (Loquai Remix) [Indigo Rec.]
05.Marcooz & Gudowski – Madenat An Noor (Kay-D Remix) [Mistique]
06.MSZ-Drift (Original Mix) [Mistique]
07.Dark Soul Project – Other Side (Hypnotic Duo Remix) [Underground City Music]
08.Antra5t – A Walk Into Light (Original Mix) [Mistique]
09.Moshic-ONEG(Original Mix) [Contrast]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 028 [January 28 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
Mehmet Akar-Ursa Major (Silence 'O' Phobia Remix)

M.A.Z.7-Matur (Original Mix)

Cysco Nasa -Robfiles (Savino Remix)

Isac Fisherman Angela (ID 49 Remix)

21street - Deep Breath(Loquai remix)

Matteo Monero-Solitary Vice (Cj Art Remix)

Blue Haze-Subtle Nature (Suffused Remix)


Fady Ferraye-Psycho Kinetic Moon (CJ Art Deeper Tribal Mix)

21street - Deep Breath(Sergey Post remix)
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 029 [February 25 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 029 [February 25 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
Mehmet Akar & Orcun Uner-Logos (Matias Chilano Remix) [Panda Rec.]

Loquai-Irish Lore (GuidoPercich Remix) [7 Seas Rec.]

Suffused - Differences (LoQuai remix) [Mistique Music]

Fernando Ferreyra - Particles (Pablo Acenso Remix) [Carica]

Audio Dropouts-Dark Life (CJ Art Remix) [Frisky Rec.]

Matt G.-My Sexy Side (Original Mix) [Sudam]

21 Street-Dream Away (Original Mix) [Baroque Limited]

Matteo Monero-Solitary Vice (Aaron Static Remix) [Indigo Rec.]

[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 030 [March 25 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
Arctic Night-Sadness On A Heat (Original Mix)
Arctic Night-Sunburn (Original Mix)

Ivan Nikusev&Wav-E -Aurora (Relaunch Remix)
Gosh-Uninvited (Original Mix)
J-Solv-Alpha (Original Mix)
Anarcrusan-In My Mind (Christian Cambas Vocal Mix)
Aarin F & Christoph Krogel-Salzburg (Original Mix)
Magnetic Brothers-Flame Of Your Eyes [Steve Haines Remix)
L Kubic-Voyager (Juan Deminicis Remix)
Cj Art-Somnambulist (Ivan Nikusev Remix)
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 031 [April 22 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
No tracks have been added for this episode.
[tracklist] Tino Deep - Deep Visions 032 [May 27 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
M & D Substance - I'm Here For You(Original Mix) [Green Martian]
Juan Deminicis & Pablo Acenso-Rewind (Original Mix) [Per-vurt Rec.]
Nico Sparvier i- Over (Guido Sava Reconstruction Mix) [Mistique Digital]
Guido Sava -The Shake (Original Mix) [Liquid Grooves]
Sebastian Garuti & Matias Chilano - Lucia (Original Mix) [Promo]
James Holden - I Have Put out The Light [Silver Planet]

21Street - We Removed Mountains [Bonzai Progressive]
Ivan Nikusev - Let Me Drive [Franzis-D Remix] [DeepSessions]
Audio Dropouts - Dark Life (Laxa Remix) [Frisky Rec.]
Nightstalker - Contrasts [CJ Art Remix] [Promo]