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DJ Name: Techtower

Location: Russian Federation

City: Chelyabinsk

Show Name(s):
Forever Young

Techtower - a creative tandem of two young men adoring electronic music. The founder of project Smoke B. both its best friend and partner Shagg have decided to unite the efforts for display of in music world. Our minds one general idea owns: music is life, music creation is a happiness. Our musical project originates on December, 18th, 2009. The name has been thought up spontaneously, by short dialogue on Skype, and no deep sense has. But nevertheless if to try to comprehend it the first part of the name "tech" is a techno sounding and minimalism, and "tower" - an orientation upwards, forward, the development, inherent in progressive sounding. Our teamwork has begun with a records of the tracks, the first of them didn't possess special beauty and quality, but the persistence and creative potential helps us to develop, and each new track - the next step in our self-development. In 2010 there were first releases from Techtower, on nobody known labels and not possessing great popularity, but we don't aspire to fast success and as has told Liam Howlett from Prodigy: "I do this music for myself. If it is pleasant to someone else, well, the better..." Now project Techtower does an emphasis on progressive styles of electronic music, new tracks are record, and also there is a work with data of mixes and skill comprehension DJ. Techtower is the resident of a portal Sensationmusic. On it you can hear and download our conceptual musical shows in the form of mixes Double Trouble. Every 3rd Friday of the month with 14:00-16:00 GMT listen to our show Forever Young on radio station Pure.Fm in progressive channel

Past Shows: