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DJ Name: DJ Pascal

Location: Netherlands

City: Almere

Show Name(s):
Dj Pascal - Pascal's Law - Principle And Progressive Housemusic

Pascal Heemskerk was born on december 5th, 1973 in Scheveningen,the Netherlands. The first time he was in contact with music, (at the age of 6) he begin to show interest into music. First playing old records from his parents,and later got his own drummachine. After that he has got his first radio with cassette, so he was recording his own compilations. When he was at the age of 10 he was working a whole summer at a farm and the next thing he did, was buying a turntable. After that the real madness begins!!! (play and listening to very good music) His whole life he was collecting music,and after he was going to his first houseparty(age 16) he was completely stunned out about housemusic and dj-ing. He was collecting all the house music he liked and he was dreaming about a career as a dj. A few years later his dream come true!! He bought his first pair of technics SL1200mk2 and mixer and starting to mix techno music (infected with the awakenings virus). A few years later his friends begin a party at the catacombe studio�s in Amsterdam and it was the first time to play for people live!! After years and years going to the recordstore of dj JP(Groove connection) collecting a lot of records, his interest makes another turn!! Dj Pascal was turning into another direction, because he collected a lot the global underground series (Anthony Pappa has infected him with his sounds). After that his love for progressive music was born!!! Years later he was very impressed by the big names of the progressive scene and starting to play it for his own. After buying the new cd-players and mixer from pioneer, his ambition to grow to higher levels was his greatest dream!! Meeting a lot of dj�s and producers, and collecting the music he was dreaming about, his life got the right turn. Now Pascal is growt to to a level he was dreaming about and the reality is started!!! The sound of Dj Pascal is deep, dark, funky and uplifting progressive, with a nice touch of melody. I hope you can hear sometime of Dj Pascal because this guy is going on the right way and is working so hard to get what he wants!!!

Past Shows:
[tracklist] DJ Pascal - Dj Pascal - Pascal's Law - Principle And Progressive Housemusic 001 [October 11 2009] on Pure.FM
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Guest DJ: C-jay
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[tracklist] DJ Pascal - Dj Pascal - Pascal's Law - Principle And Progressive Housemusic 000 [November 10 2013] on Pure.FM
No tracks have been added for this episode.
Guest DJ: Scotty.A
Popol Vuh - Through Pain To Heaven / Kyrei (Roland Appel Remix)

DJ Yellow - Spark The Universe

Dale T - Soul Flight (Yapacc remix)

Marc Miroir - Black Amber (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)

Markus homm - no train to alaska

Robot needs oil - Mood Swing (Simon Gracia remix)

Tobsen Graale - A New Level (Christian Burkhadt remix)

Davide Vario - Inside Me (Someon Else remix)

Nick Hoppner - Red Hook Soil

Mark Henning - Sunday Slide

Ghosting Season - Arrythmia