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DJ Name: Onur Odabasoglu

Location: Turkey

City: Tekirdag

Show Name(s):

Onur Odabasoglu was born on the Feb.26.1989. He lives & works in Tekirdag/TURKEY. He is interested in music since was young. His first steps as a DJ, he started to step at the age of 18 and he played a few home parties. Since then he started to evolve his technique at his own. One day he found something that changed him for good - Progressive House, and is currently conducting studies to become a good producer. Every 4th friday of the month, on progressive channel

Past Shows:
[tracklist] Onur Odabasoglu - THE SOUND OF TRAP 001 [August 26 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
1- ID

2- Vanyano - The Is A Life On The Sun (Original Mix)

3- ID

4- Matias Chilano - Systematic (Original Mix)

5- Hypnotic Duo - Eeeah (Original Mix)

6- Alfoa - Largo (Stefan DJodjevic Remix)

7- Sebastian Garuti & Matias Chilano - Lucia (Original Mix)

8- Stefan DJordjevic - Catch
[tracklist] Onur Odabasoglu - THE SOUND OF TRAP 002 [September 23 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
1- East Cafe - Crush On You (Phonic Deep Remix)
2- Domased Electronica - Ganga (Original Mix)
3- ID
4- Christos Fourkis & Mehmet Akar - Fairytale (Original Mix)
5- Christos Fourkis - 4 AM (Original Mix)
6- Michael & Levan - Drive Me Crazy (Hypnotic Duo Remix)
7- ID