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DJ Name: Olga Misty

Location: Russian Federation

City: Belgorod

Show Name(s):
Ocean Planet

Olga Misty is a novice from Russia. She get into electronic music by listening Garage Radio Show. Gradually a simple passion for music evolved into attempts to create the first DJ sets in 2008. Olga prefers deep, emotional and heart touching music, that's why she had chosen progressive house as main genre. Appearenced as a guest on many radio shows, like "Free Ends" on Voxbox.FM, "Silk Valleys" on EnSonic.FM, as well as "Horizons" and "Room 51" on Pure.FM and many more. In 2011 Olga Misty took part in the events Frisky Loves Russia and New horizons 1st Anniversary on InsomniaFM. Since 2011 she is a resident of radioshows like "Lifelines" on PeopleSayFM and "Ocean Planet" on Pure.FM.

Past Shows:
[tracklist] Olga Misty - Ocean Planet 001 [June 21 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
Jane Maximova - Murakami (Deep Active Sound Remix)

Bobby Deep & Venes - Ellectra (Christos Fourkis Remix)

Deep In Calm - Progress (Original mix)

Breeze & Quadrat - The Time (Alfoa Timeless Mix)

Nick Orisun - Harmony (Original Mix)

Evave - Air Stream (Original Mix)

Msz - Lumen (Original Mix)

Rasti Tkac & Tomas Haverlik - Noel (Original Mix)

Downkill - Minor Theory (Dynamic Illusion Remix)

Deep Fog - Crows (Original Mix)

Lmo Project - Natural Innocence (Ozgur Ozkan Remix)

Guest DJ: Fake Truth [download]
Liberto - Introducing (Objects In the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear)

Lights Out Asia - All These Words Are Yours

Approaching Black - Spend More Time With Me (Dapple Apple remix)

Cream Sound - Make Me Lake Inside (Ri9or remix)

Depthide - Way To Second Shore

Ivan Nikusev, Arctic Night, Agressor - Labyrinth (No Sonic Limits / Original mix)

Soulfinder - Prolific (Python remix)

Slacker - Hymn To Her (Lank bootleg)

Vector Lovers - Capsule For One

Mikael Delta - The Last Storm Of Words (Babak Shayan remix)

Cream Sound - Pearl

Cream Sound - Pearl (Dynamic Illusion Epic Break remix)
[tracklist] Olga Misty - Ocean Planet 002 [July 19 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
01. Anton Stellz - Leaf (Z Robots 'Into The Dawn' Remix)
02. Urban Breathe & Tom Morgan - Rising
03. Mike Brin - After It Comes
04. Matteo Monero - Try My Love (Loquai Remix)
05. Lucas B & Invisible Sounds - Colorblind Illusions (Nick Stoynoff Remix)
06. Alfoa - Aegis (Original Mix)
07. D-Slide & Doxx - November (Dark Soul Project Remix)
08. XSector - Other Life (Original Mix)
09. Steve McGrath - Distant Horizon
10. Ozgur Ozkan - Black N White (Loquai Remix)
Guest DJ: Yojig [download]
01. Max Graham - The Darkest Of Nights

02. Ivan Spell - Tomorrow (Poison Pro Remix) + Josh Gabriel — Entropy [yojig re-edit]

03. Quivver - Brothers and Sisters

04. Amber - Anyway (Steve Porter's mix 2) + Hybrid - Dream Stalker [yojig 'love you anyway' re-edit]

05. Moby - The Broken Places + General Midi - Tentacled [yojig 'tactile break' bootleg]

06. General Midi - Tentacled

07. Max Graham - Does She Know Yet

08. Shiloh - Landmine Hopscotch + Crystal Castles — Celestica

09. Starecase - Vapour Trails (Original mix) + UNKLE - What Are You To Me [yojig 'overflowed' re-edit]

10. Depeche Mode - Fragile Tension (Kris Menace's Universe Remix)

11. Josh Gabriel Pres Winter Kills - Hot As Hades (John O'Callaghan 'Deep Dream' Remix)

12. Ryan Davis - A Natures Son (Original + Andre Sobota Remix) [yojig re-edit]

13. Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)

14. Matt Lange - Rift
[tracklist] Olga Misty - Ocean Planet 003 [August 16 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
01. Chris Micali - Enlightenment [Subsource] 2003
02. Murat Uncuoglu - Forever More (Alican and Soner Meets Emrecan Remix) [Blu-Room Records] 2004
03. DJ Tarkan & Dammex - In A Dream (Nicolas Coronel & Juan Pablo Graziano Remix) [No Smoking] 2010
04. Li-Polymer - Great Escapes (Original Mix) [Mistiquemusic] 2010
05. Li-Polymer - Second Skin [Mistiquemusic] 2010
06. Loquai - Organic (Original Mix) [Mistiquemusic] 2010
07. Rob B - Esperon (Original Mix) [Alter Ego Progressive] 2006
08. Snake Sedrick - Untouchable (Original Mix) [Tilth Music] 2007
09. Elastic Reality - Cassa De X (Deep Dish Does X) [Rapster UK] 2007
10. The Scrubz - That Feeling (Royal Sapien Remix) [Toes In The Sand US] 2007Guest DJ: Maxim Ryzhkov [download]

01 Roger Martinez - Andromeda (Main Mix)

02 Sendos Fuera - Level 0 (Stryke FTL Dub)

03 Quivver - In Your Boar (Reprise)

04 Exoplanet - Brickwall Of Love (Dave Shtorn Remix)

05 Martin Etchegaray - Season In The Sun (Original Mix)

06 Sun H - Aya (Original Mix)




10 En-Core - Echo Of Silence (Onkakmir Remix)