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DJ Name: Mert Onat

Location: Turkey

City: Istanbul & Yalova

Show Name(s):

Mert was born in Istanbul, Turkey on April of 1973. He deeply entered the music as an interest while he was attending to high school and he discovered how felt himself by the beauty of melodies of the tunes. His first rendevouz with music was a House tune that made him hang out more often with his club deejay friends just for getting better knowledge about becoming a good dj. In 1994, he decided to put all his mixing techniques in to practice that was captured so far from his friend Dj Tarkan. Ever since he has been pushing his classy style up and playing for the parties and for some local & internet radios.. By 2006, he began to carry out the 2 hours live mixed show on ADN Alternative Radio and then started Proclubbinfm.,Deepsoundsfm,beattunes ....Now, it’s time for you to discover Mert ONAT with his smooth music.

Past Shows:
[tracklist] Mert Onat - Obsessions 001 [March 05 2012] on Pure.FM [download]
1. Toppy - Significant (Stanisha Remix) [Mistiquemusic]
2. Denis A. - Atlantic (Original Mix) [DAR Label]
3. Peneoh Feat. Maetrik - Follow (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]
4. DYNO - Aquatika [microCastle]
5. Poison Pro & Miusha - Alien (Kobana Remix) [Proton]
6. Stardesign - Secret Treasure Chest (Tolga Diler Remix) [Mistiquemusic]
7. Santiago Garcia - Tolva Love (Rikesto Remix) [Dark Pleasure Records]
8. Leo Rojas & Luis Bondio - Classound (Diego Poblets Remix) [LOWBIT]
9. Unkle - Heaven (Juan Deminicis Unofficial Remix) [Promo]
10. Basil O Glue - Cosmogony (Relaunch Remix) [Hyline Music]
[tracklist] Mert Onat - Obsessions 002 [April 02 2012] on Pure.FM [download]
1. Ozgur Ozkan - Forget (Stefan DJordjevic Remix)
2. Kaan Koray & Eray - Rise of Darkness (Hektor Sawiak Remix)
3. Dj Duma & Nico Kala G - Elements of Darkness (Kaan Koray Remix)
4. Noa Romana & Deersky - Endless Future (Stefan DJordjevic Remix)
5. Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic - Sounds Are Deeply On Surface (Noa Romana & Deersky Remix)
6. Mahmut Orhan & Boral Kibil - Fringe (Loquai Remix)
7. Stardesign - Secret Treasure Chest (Loquai Remix)
8. Etnia - Asian Moon (Kay-D Remix)
9. Timewave - Super Sonic (Reaunch Remix)
[tracklist] Mert Onat - Obsessions 003 [May 07 2012] on Pure.FM [download]
[tracklist] Mert Onat - Obsessions 004 [June 04 2012] on Pure.FM [download]
1. DAVI - Labyrinth (Beat Factory Remix)

2. DYNO - Fringe (Juan Demenicis Remix)

3. Juan Demenicis - Loathing (Original Remix)

4. Guy J - Fixation (Original Remix)

5. Fady Ferraye & Agoria feat. Scadle - Beirut Solarized

6. Junitoshi - Tibet (CJ Art's Tribal Trip to Tibet Mix)

7. Cid Inc. & Lank - Urban Biorhythm (Original Remix)

8. Fernando Ferreyra - Another Sad Story (Hector Sawiak Remix)

9. Deep Soul Duo - Distant Forces (Original Remix)

10. Dave Brody - Eclipse (Guy J Remix)