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DJ Name: Kyka & Chris Mil

Location: Estonia

City: Tallinn

Show Name(s):

Kyka and Chris Mil started their co-operation few years back when they were the ones to host radioshow „100% Stereo” in Energy FM. The same year they were selected to be resident DJs in Hed Kandi parties in club Prive Tallinn. These two events have had only positive impact on their co-operation. “100% Stereo came their author show, while at the same time they keep on playing as official representatives to Hed Kandi parties in Club Prive. They have shared turntables with the bests in the world: Andy Ward, Audiowhores, Jon Silva, John Jones etc. as well as the best DJ-s in Estonia such as DJ Widenski, Dave Storm, Rulers Of The Deep. 100% Stereo was the kick off to “Housetrap Podcast”, that concetrates on the current situation in deep- and tech house music and also looks back in time. On 2009 Kyka and Chris Mil became part of British internetradio SS Radio, where they host every other week their show called “Housetrap” Kyka has been a producer for almost ten years. His first EP “Mistakes I Made” was released on 2007, under Cabrio. From that point this co-operation has been only successful. Chris Mil, however, is a newly beginner in production world. His first EP „ Step Into Deep„ was released in the beginning on this year under Manuscript Records. Kyka and Chris Mil has now released many music under several record labels (Cabrio, Deepology, Onethirty, Manuscript etc)

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