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DJ Name: iFrolov

Location: Russian Federation

City: Moscow

Show Name(s):
Gentle Shapes

Have you ever been to Kaliningrad? A city on a border of Germany and Russia. City that really saw the history of both, let inside the walls of noble grey, that kind of grey that makes sorrow a joy. Surrounded by magical forests and lakes… where white swans live… Wind, but one of those, that travels around the world and takes you around the world within an instance. You walk down the street and everything sort of slows down, yet lives an active life. Impossible to describe what it is — this place certainly has it’s own shivering soul. Feel it… And it brought us iFrolov. Iliya Frolov. Born in Moscow. Moved to Kaliningrad at the age of 11. And already at his 15th year living on this planet — began evaporating trance and house music out of his innermost. All the spare time was filled with expanding of knowledge of music production, creating and perfecting his compositions, making them more and more unique and original, each time his hands touched the keyboard. 2002 — track called Freedom was brought to Evgeniy Korotkov, a host of the show ’Dancefloor Fm’. And the consequence of spilling tunes on the radio was a collaboration with Ruslan Pechyura (CJ Astron) — another trance music producer of K-city. They comprise Ultralight. The first flower of their work, Tribute, comes out on the compilation Tranceland 1. A little later, another track from Iliya and project Independence, shimmers on the second compilation of this serious and finds a lot of support in hands of DJs like Jon O’Bir, Ernesto, Bastian and others. 2005 — Iliya decides to leave Ultralight and go solo. He feels — there is a world inside of his fingertips projecting intelligence and dreams on the screen and into sound. At the end of the same year track ’Cloudy’ is on the track-list of Global DJ Broadcast by Marcus Shoultz. Right now Iliya is working hard on the sound and how to make it authentic. Perfecting, creating, looking for freedom on the edge of the place that knows what it takes to get one.

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