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I am an universal music lover. Born in 1974 in Germany I was lucky to have a father with a pretty well sorted record and tape collection. So very early I got in contact with a wide variety of music styles ranging from rock over folk, soul, blues, early R'n'B, Jazz to electronic music and many more. And I still love most music styles - not just electronic dance music. I am a passionate dancer. When I was 6 I was dancing on a dancefloor for the first time. Flashed by the strobe and black lights, moving to "Fade to Grey" by Visage. And I got addicted to dancing in that moment, because I recognized the wonderful interaction between sound and body. I am what others call a producer. In the mid-80s, when I was listening mostly to rap music, I started experimenting with a double-tape-deck, copying snipplets from other tracks and trying to build my own. That was my hip hop era. I bought my first synthesizer, a Quasimidi Technox, when I was 18 or 19, added a Novation bass station and a small Akai sampler and made my first tracks together with an old friend who bought a mixer, fx and an original Roland TB 303. My acid music area. Over the years I worked with different friends, in different studios and with different setups, covering a wide range of EDM. Acid, Trance, Techno, House and Drum and Bass. That was my experimental era. To find my style, which I would describe as techhouse with tribal influences, it took me about 15 years. And in the beginning of 2011 it was time to get serious and finally release my stuff. Several EPs, singles and remixes are out by now. And I donate all of my revenues to help the poor people of the 3rd world. I am no DJ. Because I don't use disks, I learned how to mix the classic way with two Technics platters, but today I'm using a laptop and files. And although I respect the old way I love the new way. I am an art director. Although I'm not working in the advertising industry anymore, I've been designing and creating advertising campaigns for print and TV for 13 years. And I still love good ads and graphics and stuff. But I have a big problem with capitalism. One reason for me to quit the business. And I am a lot more. But I guess we're here for the music. So I stop talking now and get back to this lovable addictive thing called music.

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