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DJ Name: Evgeny KoTT

Location: Russian Federation

City: Nevinnomyssk

Show Name(s):
Across The Globe

DJ/Sound producer/ from Russia. Main directions: progressive house / progressive breaks / deep house Labelgraphy: Arrival,Balcan Connection, Spring Tube, Dextrous Records, Deepsation Digital,Digital Motion, Radio Record Label, System Recordings, Nueva Digital, Elliptical Sun Melodies, Need For Beat Music,R.S.Records,Celestial Recordings,Round Triangle,Monologue Records,Weaken Music, PurpleCat Digital, WeRecommend Records, Incepto Music,Elliptical Sun Recordings Discography: Sedi - Influence (Release incl. Evgeny KoTT Remix) Evgeny KoTT - Amely ''VA - Connections vol. VI'' Technodreamer - Frozen (Release incl Evgeny KoTT Remix) Monojoke – Hold Me Down (Release incl. Evgeny KoTT Remix) Evgeny KoTT – Atlantika (Release incl. Igor Voevodin/Blood Groove & Kikis Remixes) Evgeny KoTT - Deep Diner (V/A Nu-Breeds 2) Shaddike - Fly Over The Prairies (Release incl. Evgeny KoTT Night Remix ) Igor Voevodin - Baku Night (Release incl. Evgeny KoTT Remix) Evgeny KoTT & SYNTHETICSAX - SAX & Beach (EP) Neskim - Before She Falls A Sleep (Release incl.Evgeny KoTT Remix) Ev Darko - Bageshree EP (incl.Evgeny KoTT Remix) Ev Darko - Night Fever (Release incl.Evgeny KoTT Remix) Evgeny KoTT - Deep Moments (Release) Teana & Tiida - Australia (Release incl. Evgeny KoTT Remix) and many more.... My tracks supports many great dejays such as: Shingo Nakamura,Solarstone,D-Phrag,Suzy Solar,Sander Kleinenberg,Isaak Escamilla,Julian Vegas,Acosta Wink,James Warren,Suffused,Aural,Pedro Del Mar Frequency,HypnoticDuo,Johan Nilsson,Duane Barry, Retroid, Embliss, East Sunrise.... Tune on 2nd Sundays every month 16:00 CET on the Progressive channel.

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