DJs and Shows

DJ Name: Bassline

Location: Russian Federation

City: Rostov-on-Don

Show Name(s):
Immersion Radio Show

Konstantine Bortnik aka Bassline started his dj career in 2004. He was playing in many cities in Russia : Perm, Kazan, Stavropol, Krasnodar, Saratov, Voronez, Lipetsk, Tambov, Essentuki and many more. He is official resident of Kazantip republic in 2009, 2010 and 2011 (Z-17, Z-18, Z-19) and he had residency at best local clubs on Rostov-on-Don. Bassline began his producer's career in 2010. He already signed his tracks to Vise Versa, Re-Vox, Pure Substance, iTech. aka Ata Yodea he already signed his track to Abandon, Apollo, Proton Limited. aka dEEPoint he already signed his track to Highway Records, DeepWit Recordings, Relux Underground, Asymmetric Recordings. He prefers deep house, tech house and deep progressive tunes. Nowadays Konstantine is playing both as dj and live sets using Ableton Live.

Past Shows:
[tracklist] Bassline - Immersion Radio Show 005 [February 06 2012] on Pure.FM [download]
Jon Delerious - Believe In You (Giom Remix)

By Rami Deejay, Keely Timlin - Burn Burn Feat Keely Timlin (Original Mix)

Alexander Daf & Spieltape - Be Water (Rodriguez Jr Remix)

Viadrina - Its Ok (Original Mix)

Brothers Of Zion - Ilook (Tony Lionni Remix)

Pat Lezizmo - Night At The Terrace (Original Mix)

Gutto Serta - All My Love (Original Mix)

Pablo Inzunza - Smartrap (Original Mix)

Matthias Meyer - Infinity (Original Mix)

Lw - Floating Through