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Andrew Michelus is born 1994 in Berlin/Germany. He is a DJ of a very young generation. Music was a part of his life since the grammerschool. He learnd e-piano and flute. The first impressions of electronic music are generated by parties in Berlin and the monthly show Tribuanic Session of Tom Beltor on FriskyRadio. He met Tom on Toms birthday and was very impressed about his mixing skills and it was the first time that Andrew heard Progressive House. He knew that this kind of music is the door to our souls and is the key to the heart of the people. The electronic music also helps him to handle the death of his mother. In 2007 he bought his first equipment and begann to lern,to lern and to lern. Tom was a good master and in time of the training they become friends. Andrew begann to play on parties in Berlin and over the time he became better and better. He worked hard to get his own show. He tries to bring the party-people together with his music and he also tries to make mixes/sets which are so specially and exciting and also good for your heart and soul that you want to hear them more than one time. May be they can help to go on a journey into your dreamworld. ;-) In the year 2010 he creates together with Tom Beltor the dj-project "Klangfunken". Today they play together in Berlin and Germany. They also have a weakly podcast on soundcloud. After some guestmixes on Friskyradio he feels good enough to get his own show and fund the perfect radiochannel for this: PURE.FM! He is very glad that he is now a part o the His show "Soap Bubbles" starts in march 2012. He will also start to produce in 2012.

Past Shows: