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DJ Name: Shane

Location: Germany


Show Name(s):
Jetlag Digital

Introduction: International DJ, Producer, Global Player, Label Owner. Over the last 17 years Shane managed to claim his place as a DJ and Producer in the international music scene. The quality output of his label Jetlag Digital and the unique sound of Progressive House in his productions, his podcast radio shows or headline DJ sets have always pushed boundaries and delivered fresh and exciting dance-music for a worldwide audience. Early History: Born 1976 in Germany, Shane started his DJ career in the juvenile age of 16 and found his homebase a couple years later at the event and booking agency “Hertzmusic” in Kaiserslautern (Germany). There he could be heard as resident DJ in the Cameo-Club, on the famous “Hertzclub” party series, as well as on radio stations like Sunshine-Live or Big City Beats at BigFM. As a producer Shane had his first releases in the late 90’s on several local labels in Germany, and from there on he progressed towards a steadily growing output of releases for the worldwide audience today. After his first big gigs in Europe like on Ibiza Island (Spain) from 2000 onwards, he finally got the chance to show his skills on one of the biggest stages in the world and that was to change his life and career forever! In 2005 Shane became guest resident DJ of one of the largest clubs in Asia, the Viproom Shanghai (China) and could hence claim his place in one of the biggest and most important cities on the globe, known for its outstanding nightlife scene. This was the beginning of a worldwide booking series with many tours in Asia and the United States. Shane – The DJ: Same as Shane’s favorite music style “Progressive”, his life and his career also revolve around the same thing: Progress! Starting in the early 90’s playing his tracks from vinyl, Shane never limited himself to just one medium of music. With DJ equipment evolving, with new technologies coming up, he always had an open mind and ear for development and progress. Even if it meant to go against the mainstream and against traditionalized DJ’ing, Shane always stayed true to himself and evolved throughout different techniques of playing music, changing his vinyl-decks for CDJ’s, and from there on experimenting with an even more digitalized art of DJ’ing, involving his MacBook Pro, NI Traktor and the development of an own interface for the Jazzmutant “Lemur” Touchscreen-Multitouch-Surface controller, thus completely abandoning traditional media and moving towards a purely digital form of playing music. Shane – The Producer: In the late 90’s Shane founded a small Studio and begun to produce his own Music. Today Shane got worldwide Releases, Colaborations and Remixes for serval international well know Artists like DJ Taucher, Oliver Morgenroth, Michael & Levan, Emblis, Tropical Highlight. He is also involved in many Compilations like the Jetlag Digital “Miami WMC Sampler”, the Sunshine Live “Mixmission 2010” CD and finally produced his first Album called “Shane – Departure” released in October 2010. Shane – Departure Album: After more than 10 years of producing, Shane now presents his first album called Departure on his own label Jetlag Digital. He spent one year on creating a wonderful collection of 10 single Club Tracks, plus the whole album tracks put together as a continuous DJ mix. The Departure album represents a reflection between studio, airports, flights and clubs, which was the centerpiece of Shane's life over the past years. It is a mix of progressive influences from around the globe, including three of his best remixes that he did for Tropical Highlight (Brazil), Felix Stone (USA) and Harley Augustine (Australia). Adding to this, a co-lab with Oliver Morgenroth (Germany) resulting in a massive tune, a fusion of Shane’s and Oliver's unique style of Progressive House. Supported by Markus Schulz, Armin Van Buren, Jerome Isma-AE, Pole Folder, Taucher, and many more. The Label – Jetlag Digital: Driven by the urge to see the whole world and to experience all the different progressive-musical influences, experiencing whole new sides of culture and music, Shane founded his own record-label called Jetlag Digital in 2008. Wanting to extend his views and breaking down the boundaries of the ordinary became the basement, the foundation and the soul of Jetlag Digital, one of the first truly international Progressive House labels from Germany. Shane – Today: Today, Shane works as a DJ and Producer, joined by international well known artists from the Progressive House scene, having his tracks and remixes signed at various labels worldwide. Be it Melbourne, be it Shanghai, Shane’s tracks and sets can be heard monthly at well known international radio stations. He also hosts own shows like “Continental Fusion” on DI.FM New York, just to name one. Even though originating from Germany, Shane managed to claim his place as a DJ and Producer in the international music scene and has always been able to show in an impressive way how real global dance music works.

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