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Alexander (Sasha Alx) was born on Ocober 15, 1981 in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. His first experience with electronic music starts in 1996, when unusual sounds and crazy rhythms of Hardtrance, Psychedelic Trance and Hardcore helped him to change their musical preferences. Some years later there was a strong passion for cultures of Drum&Bass, House and Techno, until 1999 when young music lover Sasha Alx has taken a great interest in being DJ... And now Sasha Alx is not just a DJ, but a music lover, carefully monitoring the trends in electronic music development. That's why his sets containing high-quality and carefully selected material - in any style - Deep House, atmospheric Progressive in a cafe or forceful Tech House and Techno on the large concert areas, where each track is a picture - integral and beatiful in its own way.

Past Shows:
[tracklist] Sasha ALX - Deepdive 001 [November 05 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01. DJ Daw - South American Sounds (Andrew Chibale Mix) [Next Dimension Music]

02. Evren Ulusoy - Can't Control (Original Mix) [Kote Records]

03. Johan Vermeulen - Roadster Life (Mark & Steven's and D'Mark Remix) [Witty Tunes]

04. Florian Gasperini - Thank U Ibiza (Original Mix) [White Island Recordings]

05. Nubian Mindz - Hold U Close (Original Mix) [Irma Records]

06. Emjae - High Life (Bart Van Wissen Remix) [Ready Mix Records]

07. Deepsoundexpress - Deep Soul (Original Mix) [Aquamarine Digital]

08. Deepsoundexpress - Bubble (Original Mix) [Aquamarine Digital]

09. Joeski - Before I Go (West Coast Remix) [Dutchie Music]

10a. The Disclosure Project - Life's Short (Elastic Sound Spring Groovy remix) [Disclosure Project Recordings]

10b. Fernando Christoff - La Pena (Original Mix) [Avangardia]

11. Tone Depth - Aura (Carlos Mendes & Danni Matin Acoustic Aura Mix Bad) [Pony Records]

12. Denis A - Cuba (Robert Babicz Sunshine Mix) [DAR]

Guest DJ: Ricky Inch [download]
01. Beaten Soul feat. Dawn Tallman - It Starts With Us (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Organ Intro Remix) [MN2S]

02. Ricky Inch & Jance - Summer (Ricky Inch Trumpy Mix) [Cabrio Records]

03. Kenny Bobien - Reachin'(Ian Friday Tea Party Club Mix) [Jellybean Soul]

04. Chris Lattner - Backflip Shuffle (Original Mix) [Katchuli Records]

05. Dennis Ferrer feat. Bola Belo - Dem People Go! (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) [Nite Grooves]

06. Leroy Styles - Past Tense (Jason Cheiron Afrosoul Treatment) [Afrazoo]

07. Marlon D - U.C.Anthem (Rocco's Fire Dub) [Underground Collective]

08. Micky More - The Rhythm Of Life (Original Mix) [Street of Soul]

09. Lisa Shaw - Free (Deep Phreeze Dub) [Salted Music]

10. Raxon - Twent Ten (Ricky Inch Natukene Kytte Dub) [Nightbird Music]

11. Kid Culture, El Mundo & Satori - Gotta Help (Mendo Remix) [Gruuv]

[tracklist] Sasha ALX - Deepdive 002 [December 03 2010] on Pure.FM [download]
01, N-Zino, Frankie Granato - In The Heart Of The Night (Original Mix) [Tokyo Red Recordings]
02. MANIK (NYC) - Sex Panther (Original Mix) [Culprit]
03. Joeski - I Hear U Caliin (Original Mix) [Dutchie Music]
04. Innerlane - 52nd Highway (Nikos Diamantopoulos After Rising Remix) [Undiscovered Soundscreens]
05. Maceo Plex - Gravy Train (Nicolas Jaar remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
06. AtJazz & Fred Everything (Back Together) (Fred Everything's Lazy Days Original) [Lazy Days]
07. Eddie Leader - Nod To The Old Skool (Original Mix) [Hudd Traxx]
08. Yves Murasca - Happy (Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Remix) [Milk & Sugar]
09. Scope - Feel It (Original Mix) [BEEF Records]
10. Beaten Soul & Keith Thompson - Change (Bring It) (Souldynamic Saxstrong Mix) [Seamless Recordings]
11. Raul Rincon - Afrointegrity (Indigenous Acid Mix) [eeear music]
12. Stephan Panev - Mishii (Surrealism's We Go Deeper Remix) [Hole]Guest DJ: Ki.Mi. [download]
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[tracklist] Sasha ALX - Deepdive 003 [January 07 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
01. Terry Lee Brown Junior, Greg Parker - Eclosion feat. Greg Parker (Addex Remix) [Lovezone Records]
02a. Cristian R - Natural Landscape (Original Mix) [7 Seas NuWave Records]
02b. Jamie McHugh - Wrong! (Jesus Gonsev Remix) [Audio Therapy]
02c. Kobana & Mario Hatchet - Claps (Original Mix) [Silk Sofa Music]
03a. Hektor Thillet, Phonetica - Feel (Nique Remix) [Bid Muzik]
03b. Alvaro Ernesto - Hoax (Original Mix) [Drag Music]
04. Jim Siver - The Other Me (Original Mix) [Open Bar]
05. Kikis - Don't Stop (Original Mix) [Spring Tube]
06. Berny, Guru - No Way To Run (Dolls Combers mix) [The Orchard]
07. Chris Reece - Headonism (Roger Martinez Re-Interpretation) [Pilot 6 Recordings]
08. The Timewriter - Superschall (Original Mix) [Plastic City]
09. Samuele Buselli - Infinity (Alessio Caforio Remix) [TheSounds]
10. Javier Orduna - Muntaner 51 (Alex Lario Remix) [Rubrik Records]
11. Raxon - Twenty Ten (Ricky Inch Natukene Kytte Dub) [Nightbird Music]
12. Arthur Oskan - Familiar faces (Original Mix) [Night Drive Music]
Guest DJ: Dj Stas Krylov
01 Trentemoller - Tribag (Original Mix) [Native]

02 The Disclosure Project - Bath Time (The Messenger Remix) [Disclosure project]

03 Groove Federation - Funkin' Good (Original Mix) [Chunky Traxx]

04 Fabien Kamb - Indigo (Ross Couch Remix) [Low Flow]

05 Lewie Day - Reflections (Mic Newman Remix) [Hertzlich]

06 Ross Couch - Kiss Kiss (Original Mix) [Body Rhythm]

07 Silicone Soul - David Vincent's blues (Prompt Remix) [Soma Quality]

08 Kooqla - Lie (Magnetic Brothers mix) [Snoochi Boochi]

09 IO & Sender - Love Trip (Huxley Remix) [Noir Music]

10 Matthias Vogt - I Dreamed The Impossible (Wiretappeurs Playground Mix) [Dieb Audio]

11 Alias Rhythm feat. Sandy Spady - Something (Original Dubstrumental) [strictly rhythm]

12 Serafim Tsotsonis - Is (Chris Hemmo Dubby Remix) [Klik]

13 Houseriders - Sky Diving (Original Mix) [Soul Industries]Guest DJ: Jean Jack
01. Steve Bug - Straight 125 (Original Mix) [Ovum Recordings]

02. Timid Boy - All I Want (Original Mix) [Time Has Changed]

03. Chris Lattner - 93 Feet East (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour Recordings]

04. Yves Murasca - Happy (Karol Xvii Mb Valence Loco Remix) [Milk & Sugar]

05. Pinto - Paso Norte (Original Mix) [Galaktika Spain]

06. Audioflakes - Memories (Masque Remix) [Apollo]

07. Cosmic Cowboys, Max D Blas - Do My Best (Original Mix) [Time Has Changed]

08. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - About You (Original Mix) [Off]

09. Roger Martinez - Close Off Open Up (Peter Horrevorts Remix) [Union Jack Records]

10. Oliver Koletzki Fran - I Might (Murat Kilic Remix) [Stil Vor Talent Records]

[tracklist] Sasha ALX - Deepdive 004 [February 04 2011] on Pure.FM
01a. Simon Weiss - Nachtwagon (Original Mix) [Subself]
01b. Hain Dutt - In (Original Mix) [Clock]
02a. Kasimir - Sunset Blvd (Original Mix) [Expulsion Germany]
02b. Ryan Crosson - Metro Bunker (Original Mix) [Eklo]
03. Vanessa Daou - Consequences (The Timewriter New Ways Mix) [Kid Recordings-Outsider Music]
04. Masahiro Mihara - Rapt (Original Mix) [Disclosure Project]
05. Dub Makers - Fucking Space (Original Mix) [Relax Recordings]
06. Ross Couch - Kiss Kiss (Original Mix) [Body Rhythm]
07. Lovebirds - Alright (Original Mix) [Freerange Records]
08. Round Table Knights - Cat Power (Extended Mix) [Made To Play]
09. SCSI-9 - Smooth Sunset (Sergey Sanchez & Thierry Tomas Remix) [Highway Records]
10. Maurice Aymard - Put Some For Jules (Gui Boratto Striped Mix) [Galaktika Records]
11. Evren Ulusoy - Rulers Make Bad Lovers (Addex Remix) [Apollo]
Guest DJ: Deep Active Sound
01. Deep Sector - Session #3 [Relux]

02. Fish Go Deep - Dub Model [Ornate Music]

03. The Messenger - Morning Gold (Alvaro Hylander Remix) [I Records]

04. Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal - Da Boom (Echofusion's Jazzy Groove Remix) [Loco Records]

05. Ross Couch - Playin' Jazz (Kirby Remix) [Body Rhythm]

06. Deep Active Sound - Up To The Sky [unreleased, n/a]

07. Zuat-Zu - Kioto (Original Mix) [FM Digital]

08. Joel Alter - I Feel You [Bass Culture Records]

09. Deep Active Sound - Sleeping (Original Mix) [unreleased, n/a]

10. Oleg Soul - The End [NewBorn Records]