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DJ Name: Relaunch

Location: Germany

City: Mainz

Show Name(s):
Art of Ambiance

Inspired by the legendary Dorian-Gray parties at the Frankfurt Airport Relaunch became interested in all kinds of electronic music in the early 90’s. While going to many different clubs and events he began to find his way, created his own style and his excellent touch for tunes. He brings together a brought spectrum of electronic music and fingerprints his tracks that way. Starting at zero as a passionate clubgoer, he moved to DJing and ultimately to producing and remixing with a high creative output. His sets are a mixture of atmospheric and impulsive sounds. In his sets he knows how to rock and lead the crowd and to give them their kick. By using classics and tracks that might be one someday his sets are a must hear must enjoy experience. Even as producer and remixer is the german successful. So have several original tracks and remixes been released, which get big support from Dave Seaman, John Digweed, Markus Schulz, Pascal Feos, Richie Hawtin and many more.

Past Shows: