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DJ Name: Michael Gaida

Location: Germany

City: Düsseldorf

Show Name(s):

Hey, my name is Michael Gaida, born 1966 (....yes, i broke the „wall of 30“...) in Düsseldorf, Germany In the late 90‘s i started listening electronical music. It began with Liquid Drum & Bass like LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Tayla, Blu Mar Ten, PFM and the whole Good Looking Records family. Later i learned to know my future fav‘s Dave Seaman and Nick Warren at Global Underground. Listening to several Internet-Radiostations i came in contect with the music from D-Phrag with his „Immersed“ show and his series „Exfinity“. Also i realized the show „Mindscapes“ from Deep Z at Pure.FM. From this point Progressive House was my music. Since 2009 i start to mix by myself. From December 2009 i am hosting the show „Mindscapes“ with my big friend Deep Z on Pure.FM. Another line from me you can find in the Liquid Drum & Bass series „Urban Sound“. Enjoy and have fun ;) Many thanks to Deep Z, Phaedra, Deeper Moments, LoQuai and Deepsense for help and support ! HugZ guys :) Also i like to say thanks to the company „Liquid Mocca“ for supporting me with tons of coffee ;) Stay tuned ;) CheerZ

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