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DJ Name: Gordey Tsukanov

Location: Russian Federation

City: Rybinsk

Show Name(s):
Minded Music Sessions Global

Gosh & Kanov is a production projects from Russian DJ/producer Gosh. His real name is Gordey Tsukanov. He became acquainted with EDM when he was about 13… His musical views were formed by the creative works of such stars as Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, John Degweed, Nick Warren, BT. In 2008 he began studying Cubase and became so captivated as it turned to be not just a hobby but one of most significant sides of his life! The first release was in 2009. In a very short time, he’s managed to have his tracks released on some of the best progressive labels around including Black Hole, Neuroscience, Baroque, Ask4, Inkfish, Jetlag, Morphosis, Frisky, Per-Vurt, Mistique, LuPS, Panda, Indigo and to get support from Solarstone, Stoneface & Terminal, Didier Red, Simon J, James Warren, Kay Mikado and many more! Gosh’s favorite styles are melodic progressive house/tech music with dark elements and he also likes trance music. Gordey has a lot of ideas and projects ahead, music is always on his mind:) His tracks now released by Black Hole Recordings, Neuroscience Recordings, Inkfish Recordings, Dezire Records, Jetlag Digital, Frisky Records, Panda Recordings, Morphosis Records, LuPS Records, Mistique Music/Digital, Deepsessions Recordings, Round Trinagle (Proton), Ask4 Records, D-Lab Records, Bonzai Music, Detached Records, ConcoDigital/Recordings, Drag Music.

Past Shows:
[tracklist] Gordey Tsukanov - Immersion 001 [July 12 2011] on Pure.FM [download]
01 - Beneefit - Renaissance // [Freaky Town]

02 - Dave Shtorn - Magic Moments (Eelke Kleijns Magical Dub Ride Remix) // [Indigo Records]

03 - Eiad Sayegh & Ollie V - Cured (Lank Useless Remix) // [Indigo Records]

04 - Komytea - Simplexity // [Anjunadeep]

05 - Christos Fourkis - Emotion (Gosh Remix) // [Spring Tube]

06 - Gosh & Kanov - Winter Flowers // [Neuroscience Deep]

07 - Filterheadz - Everything Explained // [Doorn Records]

08 - Hypnotic Duo - Engine // [PitchBend Recordings]

Gosh's favourite:

09 - Danny Loko - Coastal (Eelke Kleijn Remix) // [Anjunadeep]

10 - Gosh presents Kanov - First Life // [Festival Lounge Records]

11 - Cid Inc - Cotai Strip // [Movement Recordings]

12 - Walsh & Coutre, Darin Epsilon - Detour On 44 // [Fruit Machine]