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Max van den Oetelaar, better known to the world as “EcueD” was born in 1995 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. While maintaining an extremely open ear to all forms of music, like many producers in the EDM industry, EcueD has a go to genre and that’s progressive house. In his short time of being a producer, EcueD managed to achieve a solo release at the age of 15 titled “Floating Feathers” on Gold Shore Records in just a few months of beginning his journey into production. Soon following this release he gained a large amount of recognition for his remix submission for Silk Music’s remix competition of Shingo Nakamura & Kazusa’s track titled “Move On”. Since that time he has been a constant supplier of some of the most sought out remixes on the infamous UK based label known as Neuroscience Recordings, as well as the more deep infused imprint known as Neuroscience Deep. Both labels have worked with some of the best talent known in the progressive community including Flashtech, Dave Shtorn, Vitodito, Cramp, David Folkebrant, Digital Horizon, Gosh, Alex Pich, Luca Lombardi, Soulforge and many more. Having remixed Dave Shtorn’s track titled “Alyan’s Dreams” as well as Flashtech’s “Convergence”, he has quickly gained a steady amount of interest and followers of his melodic progressive style. Having recently done a collaboratory track titled “Hot Air Balloons” with fellow producer Blend, the track quickly gained attention from well known names such as Ruben De Ronde and Solarstone as well as many more. Currently, EcueD is working on a monthly radio show titled “EclipseD Sessions” which will begin airing on Pure.FM this month. Along with this new show he is currently working on remixes for multiple artists as well as multiple collaborations for future releases this coming year. Known for packing an incredible delivery of beautiful melodies, pumping kick drums, euphoric pads and serenading piano leads, he constantly brings rich layers of emotions and euphoric bliss to each of his productions. If there is one thing to easily note about this talented artist, it’s that he truly stands out as a passionate lover of progressive house music and truly conveys the core values of any genuine producer who loves what he does.

Past Shows:
[tracklist] EcueD - EclipseD Sessions 001 [April 24 2012] on Pure.FM [download]
1. ID – ID [CDR]
2. ID – ID [CDR]
3. Katrin Souza & Flipplive - Only You & I (Original Mix) [WeRecommendRecords]
4. Orland Beltran - Not Like Them (Original Mix) [Portrait Digital Recordings]
5. Sergey Alekseev - Sunset On The Sea (Original Mix) [Silk Royal Records]
6. ID – ID [CDR]
7. ID – ID [CDR]
8. Alexey Sonar - Twisted Monkey (Nigel Good Remix) [Particles]
9. Feu d’Or - Chasin Joe (Jody Wisternoff Remix) [Intricate Records]
10. Fon.Leman - Per Aspera Ad Astra (Original Mix) [Bomba Records]Guest DJ: Roald Velden
0) Intro

1) ID - ID (Roald Velden & Cylum pres. Mono Suono Remix) [Silk Digital Records]

2) Gregory Esayan - When You Love (Original Mix) [Silk Digital Records]

3) Juventa - Only Us (Aknael & Bekeela Remix) [Harmonic Breeze Recordings]

4) Sebastian Weikum & Martin Graff - Togo (Original Mix) [Colorize]

5) Digital Mess feat. V. Ray - Feel The Sun Light (Dmitry Bessonov Remix) [Colorize]

6) suGar, Eva Kade, Evil T - All Around (Gregory Esayan Remix) [Majestic Family]

7) VillaNaranjos - Granadella (Original Mix) [Soundpiercing]

8) Lessov - Komodo (Aleksey Yakovlev Remix) [Inceptro]

9) Alexander Popov - When The Sun (Eximinds Remix) [S107]